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  • Sep 27, 2010
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Should you get your friend to videotape an event, or hire a professional?

We are professional video producers, but would you believe that we have sometimes suggested they use their niece or friend’s nephew to videotape. In deciding whether to accept your friends offer to videotape, it is important to think about whether you simply want to have an event archived or whether you need a professional finish. […]

AREAA Marketing Video

AREAA helps new home buyers with their housing needs.

Mothers Day Live at La Pena

Jeff Pollock from Jai Josefs Songshop Showcase, Mother’s Day Live at La Pena in Berkeley.

Teaching Rhythm to Children

DVD Teaching Rhythm to Children. Real time, reel kid sessions.

Optimum Health Promo Video

A video for the web to highlight a local business.

Are You Being Videotaped? Look Your Best.

Are you the star for the company training video? Or are you shooting your own video resume? The clothing patterns, colors, and accessories you choose will enhance your video or detract from your message. The camera sees color, pattern and contrast differently than the human eye, so the outfit that really catches the eye in […]

African American Community Health Equity Council Speakers

African American Community Health Equity Council keynote speakers at their conference.

Had Enough

Callie Watts sings one of her original uptempo tunes. From the 2010 Mother’s Day Songshop Showcase hosted by Jai Josef’s at La Pena in Berkeley.

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